Helping Youth Progess through Education

The H.Y.P.E. Program is an 8 to 12 week program, composed of 2-hour sessions per week, in a space designated by school administration. Our volunteers are mentors who personally meet with High School or Middle School students for each session of the program.

The first hour of the session is comprised of an educational seminar whereas the second hour the students are broken up into groups to sit with our volunteers and are mentored to the inner workings of higher educational institutions, expectations, and the means to get there.

A preview day is also optionally organized with the admissions department of the university to tour the students around the campus, having them sit in classrooms, meet teachers, and engage with other students. We hope to further inspire our participants to attend college after they graduate.

Seminar & Workshop Topics

Workshops can be held by participating members or contracted by outside community organizations.


It is common knowledge that many inner city public education systems are failing their communities. There are not enough resources to provide our children with the best education that they can attain possible. The only means how this might actually flourish into a possibility is through organized community action.

Being that our institutions of higher learning are very rich in resources (libraries, internet, professors, student organizations, community organizations, funding, etc), it would service the surrounding community if a team of dedicated volunteers would spend some time in these educational systems to assist and uplift them.


The HYPE program’s purpose is to create a bridge between institutions of higher education to the public education systems in its surrounding communities. There would be no better impact on a young man or woman than to meet other young men and women who might have grown up in the same circumstances, or are phenotypically similar, and have achieved to what many of them believe to be the impossible…go to college.

How to Get Started

If you are a member of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc. and would like more information about how to start the H.Y.P.E Program at your local chapter and community, please contact your Regional Community Service Chairman or Regional Director. They will send you a digital packet containing all needed program resources including marketing materials, an action plan document, and documents templates

If you are a faculty member at a high school or middle  school and would like to work with our members through the H.Y.P.E. program at your school, please contact us at [email protected].