The experience of true brotherhood is life changing and its value is unmeasurable.

What is an Upsilon Man?

Our brothers, also known as “Upsilons,” are culturally diverse and come from all walks of life. These men have a deep sense of self-awareness and self-respect, as well as respect for others, and purposefully seek to achieve success not only for their own but also for other members of their community.
Upsilons have a profound appreciation of heritage and culural history, and seek to educate others in hopes of tearing down social barriers that exist to this day. They are equally knowledgable in the current events of the world and spark conversations that are relevant and meaningful.
Most imporantly, a true Upsilon Man makes conscious decisions that brings him another step closer in realizing Lambda Sigma Upsilon’s mission and goals.

Undergraduate Brothers

We hold all of our undergraduate members to a standard of academic excellence. Afterall, the purpose of attending a university is to graduate with a degree, and our brothers want to ensure that goal is met in a timely manner.As such, LSU requires that all active members maintain a semester G.P.A. of at least a 2.5 to remain active.
Active undergraduates have the opportunity to host chapter-related functions on campus, participate in chapter and regional executive boards, engage with interests and new members on Fraternity matters, attend LSU events at a discounted price, attend LSU regional and national conventions, apply for LSU Foundation scholarships, and gain full member access to member network on this national website.

What is Brotherhood?

A brotherhood is a community of individuals brought together by a common interest or cause.
For some, it is an extension of their professional lives that provides access to limitless new connections and resources. For others, it is a second family with peers to depend on, mentors to look up to, and friends to grow with.
Put simply, our brotherhood is a support system that was originally formed to better YOUR chances for success in the university and beyond. Within this support system, there is comfort in knowing that hundreds of brothers are willing to lend a helping hand at a moment’s notice cancel hacienda del mar, to push through in the face of adversity, to challenge for personal growth, and to lighten a heavy burden that can feel so overwhelming.

Alumni Brothers

Although our time at the univeristy is limited, the bonds we form as brothers last a lifetime. Alumni brothers are encouraged to stay involved in the Fraternity by joining local alumni chapters. These alumni chapters are run by members who volunteer their time to organize various social and community service functions such as barbeques, movie nights, walk-a-thons, sports tournaments, and much more.
Alumni are also encouraged to reach out to undergraduate brothers as mentors and chapter advisors, or by joining the Regional and National Board to manage the operations of the organization.
Active alumni are those that pay their annual dues and benefit from additional resources made available to them such as extended access to the jobs listing network, professional mentorship programs, corporate discounts, in-network advertising, and discounted prices at LSU-hosted events.


As a brother for [over] 15 years one of the main reasons for my consistent and progressive involvement in Lambda Sigma Upsilon was to share my skills and commitment to brotherhood with other young men and to be part of something very special for life.My dream was realized April, 1999 where I was able to facilitate the reunion of men who built this organization from 1979 with young men who just joined. Where else can one person have the opportunity to reunite the founding fathers with new brothers.My commitment to this organization goes beyond letters, paraphernalia, colors or symbols. It is a dream realized where a person meets another and names him godfather to his child as in my case. It is when a brother’s father passes away and the chapter names a scholarship in the father’s name.LSU has crossed cultural, religious, economic and social barriers where with one unified goal men come together for the good of others. What more can be said, but I am proud of the organization I not only pledged, but had the privilege to help lay the foundation for where we are today.

Perry M. Schwarz
Spring 1984 Monarca Chapter Montclair State University
I will tell you though that the reason I joined LSU was for multiple reasons, none necessarily more important than the other. As a young Hispanic in the 70’s and enjoying the opportunity to go to College which was a privilege and not a given at the time, it gave me great pride to be a part of the Taino Line and to be named Guarionex.The Founding Fathers were genuinely good people and conscientious individuals unmatched in their wit and commitment to be successful in life without stepping on the feet of anyone. They were willing to help out anyone who needed help whether a brother or not. The group was not arrogant in public and possessed a degree of leadership that made you feel a part of the organization before you even pledged. It had a group of legitimate and down to earth brothers that pulled together during hard times and socialized politely during good times. As a member of the Taino line it gave us the opportunity to be a part of the molding of the organization’s first stages. Stages which have continued to grow and which are being fined tuned up to this day. I am not surprised that because of that foundation (that of the Founding Fathers) we are still going in the direction in which we need to be going to as we approach the new millennium.

Carlos Hendricks
Fall 1979 Taino Chapter Rutgers University